Canadians Await Decision by Supreme Court on Decriminalisation

Contrary to popular misconception, sex work is legal in Canada; the act of exchanging sex for money is not a criminal offence. What is illegal are several activities fundamentally related to sex work, namely, communicating for the purposes of prostitution, (CC s. 213-1c); owning, operating, or occupying a “bawdy house” used for prostitution (CC s. 210); and procuring or living… Read more →

Obitruary of a Tragic Eel

Obitruary of a Tragic Eel

It’s a strange and lonesome night. You’re trapped in a gloomy, cramped space, and you can’t remember how you got here. Someone’s gripping you in a deadly choke-hold, and no matter what you try, you can’t seem to shake him off! What do you do? Suddenly, you see an opportunity before you – your attacker seems to be distracted for… Read more →

annakissed manifiesta: my evolving thoughts on sex work

@X+   Man-i-Fiesta [This project consists of many drafts in evolution. My first draft was written for the Anarchist Bookfair in April of 2009, which I helped to organize. This original writing, which was distributed as a zine, can be found here:] [I began to create a second version of this project for the 2010 Desiree Alliance, but never… Read more →

Dec. 17th article for Direkte Actione, German union newspaper

[Read article translated into] “I killed so many woman I have a hard time keeping them straight…My plan was I wanted to kill as many women I thought were prostitutes as I possibly could…I picked prostitutes as my victims because they were easy to pick up without being noticed.”[1] – The “Green River Killer,” Gary Ridgewood, Seattle Washington, 11/05/2003… Read more →

baboon “culture” and give peace a chance (or tuberculosis)

Here is a very well-known and oft-repeated tale in the primatology world – Robert Sapolsky, the Stanford neurobiologist and primatologist, discovered a funny fact about baboons, stress levels, and social hierarchy that may reveal a lot about our own human society: Through measuring adrenaline and cortisol levels in the blood of various male baboons of different social rankings, he found… Read more →

letter to my professor – to be translated into papers…[work in progress]

Dear Professor,     It was very inspiring to talk to you last Thursday. I read the two articles: Lena Edlund’s “A Theory of Prostitution” and Catherine Hakim’s “Erotic Capital,” which Caldwell wrote about in the Financial Times article. I have a lot of notes and questions for each, and would really enjoy discussing them with you if you ever have… Read more →

ecological interpretation of buddhist incarnation

How can we understand the notion of spiritual rebirth in a scientific sense? In purely material terms, we can say that reincarnation is the process by which our body degrades back into the soil to reappear again in the bodies of other life forms. Thus we descend to the Earth to become fodder for the worm, which slowly by the… Read more →

new cartographers of human experience: the neuro-colonization

Brain is the new Black. Neuro is the new New. It seems like every academic field is trying to stick the prefix neuro- onto what they do these days. From neuroanthropologists who study the interaction between neural physiology and culture, to neurotheologists who search for the neurobiological basis of religious feelings and spiritual phenomena, to comparative literature scholars who are applying neuroscience to textual analysis –… Read more →

the votes of ants and bees, and the dilemma of trickster

“To me, it’s about systems and complexity,” said Dr. Keshet to me across the cafe table at Union Square. “I’m interested in seeing how individuals adapt to collective information and vice versa.”  Itay is an ER-doctor-in-training at the New York Hospital in Queens. (He prefers to be called “Ty” because, he explains, his full name sounds rather vulgar when pronounced phonetically.)… Read more →